Visual Impressions…

These are my visual impressions of the week.. A new segment on the blog that wouldn’t necessarily be centered on hair.. Just anything I find on Instagram or the web generally that I appreciate and I think you’ll appreciate too and maybe draw some inspiration or style from. Last week, I saw a post on the Internet on how a natural haired girl in the Bahamas I think was kicked out of school by her principal for her “untidy” hair and all of that and it inspired me to put up this post. I’m not an advocate for natural hair or anything like that but it’s just so beautiful and it keeps blowing my mind away and no one should have a problem with it.. I know our hair can be all over the place sometimes but I’ll take a few bad hair days to look this awesome yes? Continue reading


How to retain length with protective styles

imageProtective hairstyles are hairstyles that require low-manipulation and shield your hair from physical or environmental agitation. So basically, it is a hairstyle that can stay in place for a while without the need to re-style the hair, anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks (or months). A protective hairstyle should focus on protecting the ends of the hair, which is the oldest most fragile part of your hair.. Now it’s virtually impossible to eliminate all disturbances to the hair, but it is possible to limit them. What protective styling really does is limit these damages to our hair, and it gives our hair a ‘break’ and a chance to grow without disturbances. While many women can grow out their hair and retain length without doing much protective styling, it can be seen as another way to achieve this goal. But note that protective styles if not done right can cause damages to our hair..

Ways to retain length with protective styling: Continue reading