DIY: How to make braids wig with lace closure (pictorial)

Naturalgirlonabudget.comHey guys.. This is a very detailed post on how I made this braids wig from start to finish. I realized that I don’t start my posts asking how you all are and if you’re well which is really bad so that’s going to change. I hope everyone’s been good?

Anyway I fell in love with braids wig the minute I first saw it. It’s a heavenly idea as far as I’m concerned because it’s combines the beauty of getting braids with the ease of being able to take if off once you’re home (hallelujah) but most importantly, not having to sit through the pain or process of making it and your edges stay intact. Please what could be better?

And of course hand made braid wigs are the best because you can get them custom made for you and because of how real they look due to the lace closures or frontals they’re often made with. But since it’s quite pricey, I decided to make one for myself and post this tutorial to show you how you can make one too.. DIY is the best thing since slice bread so you better jump on the train if you haven’t already lol.. Enjoy!

What you’ll need to make a braids wig:
Wig cap (weaving or dome cap preferably)
Braiding extensions (I used 4 packs of rich braids Xpression)
Mannequin or styrofoam head
Big needles and some black thread
Elastic and/or wig combs (optional)
Hair brush and hair cream.

I used the U-part weaving cap for mine because it’s light weight and breathable (the heat lately though) but of course dome caps work too and are often used because it’s durable.
– So the first thing you do is prep your braiding extension for use. I cut mine into 2 for the front and 3 for the back but you do what’s suits you. There are tutorials on how to prep attachments for braids online but I’m sure we’ve all seen the ladies at the salon at work.

– Next you’ll fit the wig cap on your mannequin head and hold it down with some pins. The cap I bought was a little too big for my head because it’s a one size fits all cap so I had to take it in a bit with thread and needle.

How to make braids wig with lace closure
– Cut out the lace you want to use for your closure, place it on the area you want your closure to be and then sew down. Because I used a U part wig cap, I put the lace in the open area but with a dome cap, after sewing down the lace you would have to cut out the cap under that area.

– When that is done, you start the process by putting a little bit of attachment through the eye of the needle (that’s why you need big needles) then pass it through the wig cap. Pull out one end of the attachment and take the needle out. It leaves you with the attachment hanging out of the wig cap.

How to make braids wig with lace closure
– Using that as a base (just like the piece of hair you want to braid), take some attachment and start braiding (or twisting in this case) the way you would do normally.

– Repeat till you’ve filled in the wig cap to your taste (lol). This process can be done all through the hair but I opted to use another method to fill in the closure to avoid rips.
– What I did was braid the hair around some thread like I did with the crochet braids then I neatly tacked each braid to the closure..

How to make braids wig with lace closureA good reason to invest in a braids wig is the durability so nothing should be done to jeopardize that.
Once that is done, sew in your wig combs and/or elastic inside the cap for security. Wig combs give me a headache after a while so I skipped that and stuck with the elastic. Trim the hair or in my case run it through with a lighter because you don’t have the patience to trim lol and then put in hot water, towel dry, apply some hair cream for shine and you’re good to go!!


This could take a while depending on the pace at which you go which in my case was really slow but one day, you’ll be done lol. I know tons of people who can’t sit to get small braids installed so this is perfect for you..
Ps: there are other methods of making braids wig which I may share soon but I chose to do it this way this time. And of course your braids wig can be made into any style or color you want. For any question or inquiries, please send me a mail at and I’ll be happy to help.
As usual, I hope this tutorial was helpful? if it was please share, comment, subscribe!
Have a lovely week ahead..


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