Hey guys..

I know I’m the only that sometimes looks in the mirror and doesn’t like the image staring back.. I also know that my skin isn’t smooth, my tommy isn’t flat enough, my hair isn’t curly or long enough, I’m a tad bit fatter than I want to be and generally my body isn’t just “body goals”. And at my age, I still have acne, the one that people promised me will clear up once my teenage years are over and oh! the stretch marks, these just keep appearing.. And some days, I see people with flawless skins who are other wise perfect and the insecurities set in. But you know what I came to realize, this is me! This is my body, this is who I am. I am so much more than the acne or even my straight white teeth, I am funny, smart, and so much more. So I learned to accept myself and love my self because flaws and all, that’s who I am and I can only get better. It’s a daily process though and that’s why I’m really excited about The girl journey event – The Project loving you! What is this about? I’ll tell ya.. Continue reading