Experience Xpression + hair details

Just yesterday, I hung out with the team at Xpression as in Xpression that makes all your braiding hair and all the other stuff. Lol sounds cool right? Yes it was.. I thought it would take longer for the recognition to begin but what do we know? Lol we thank God.
Anyway you know how crochet braid is all the rave now, Xpression has introduced and are still introducing quite a number of said products to the market. And you know the best thing about Xpression is that their products are really affordable although they are mostly synthetic. But most of this crochet braids products I’m talking about come in a very similar texture to our natural hair i.e. the Afro kinky kind so basically that’s a win. Some of their crochet braid products include:
– Naomi Boom
– Ceres
– Besta
– Harmonia
– Juno
– Multi
– Nike and Curly


imageThey took out time to explain to me the looks that can be achieved with these products and I just think it’s cool. Afro, dreads, Senegalese/large twists, kiko, soft dreads etc and I was sold. I chose to install the Xpression Besta while I was there and I’ve been getting compliments. Seriously add me up on snapchat -medupinella for the behind the scenes and craziness that goes on in my life lol. Trust your girl now, I’ve been slaying this hairstyle as usual wink wink*


Oh my relaxed/texturized readers aren’t left out of this cos we know crochet braids is for everyone. And even if you don’t ply that route, Xpression has a line of High texture fiber hair called Black beauty and 100% Human hair called Vicher. So for the days you’re feeling fancy or sleek, Xpression still has you.



Personally I think the Experience Xpression program is really cool as a way to bring awareness to some products we aren’t familiar with. Follow their Facebook and Instagram page at xp4you to get involved. While you’re at it, my Instagram is @ellamedupin. Follow me and let’s get familiar please?

image Besides budget beauty is what we preach here and what’s more on budget than Xpression crochet braids?

I’ll love to hear your thoughts on these products especially the Besta I’m rocking! It’s too cool lol. Have a lovely weekend loves..


31 thoughts on “Experience Xpression + hair details

  1. How many packs did u use??? I follow u on IG its u that has refuce to reciprocate the love๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฅ….The hair looks awesome ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜


  2. Ella you rock! started following from the very first post. keep shining girl. x pression should have you as a model already. best wishes. Annie


  3. Aside Multi, I not think I’ve seen any other of these products here in ph. Will look out for them.
    I love the besta you have on! Really love it!
    We follow on IG already..
    Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Slaying always…please post more DIYS. Btw how much does a pack of the besta cost? So they don’t “wash my head” when I go to buy from the market, thanks


  5. Hi Ella,

    It’s so lovely that you are receiving well deserved recognition, Congrats!

    I like how the Xpression has increased their product offerings to cater for the crochet braids revolution. ๐Ÿ˜€ Excellent business sense.

    Your hair is very boho chic and suits you nicely.


  6. Ella i need your suggestion on something I want to this dread with crochet that later I can twist on my hair by a stylist but I don’t know what hair product to buy that we make me achieve the look, I need u help thanks


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  8. I have to say ” I love xpression hair products” I’m wearing Kinky curly at the moment and the older this hair gets the more natural it looks… No complaints, and your hair looks great…


  9. New follower. Soooo I’ve been told that “natural hair isn’t for broke girls” but I got tired of relaxers and nonexistent edges. So in my frustration I typed “how to be a natural girl on a budget” and your blog popped up. So I’m going to stalk your IG page now. BTW, I’ve been natural for a year, this month.


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