The hair product I HATED but now love: Shanyi organics Anti-Frizz conditioning yogurt.


Hi guys. I’m back again with a product review and this time, it’s not the usual banter. It’s the real deal so please grab a popcorn. Couple of months ago, I received 4 hair products from one of my favorite Nigerian brands SHANYI ORGANICS and I was excited. Actually the owner had me pick out the products I wanted from their new line and I ended up with The Shanyi Organics:
Herbal hair Elixir
Anti- frizz conditioning yoghurt.
Scalp Clarifying oil and
Growth stimulating soufflé. Lol I love these names btw.
I did a giveaway on my Instagram page (@naturalgirlonabudget) please follow me there if you haven’t and I gave the last two products I listed to two of my fabulous readers leaving me with the other two products to review here on the blog. If you guessed that I started using the Anti-Frizz conditioning yoghurt first, you’re right!

Truth be told, I picked out this product because of the cute name lol. Besides, who doesn’t need an Anti Frizz conditioner? On my first use, I shampooed my hair and then went ahead to apply the conditioner. To say I was disappointed will be putting it lightly. It had no slip at all and it just felt too light for a conditioner. I went ahead and COMBED it THROUGH my hair, left it in for 10 minutes as directed and then rinsed out. I just wasn’t feeling it and kept trying to figure out where the “yoghurt” was lol. I used it a couple of times in the same method in order to form an opinion worth sharing on my blog right and I still wasn’t into the product. To me, there just wasn’t anything special about the conditioner or so I thought. I decided to hold on for a bit before coming on the blog to share my disappointment.  So let’s fast forward to the day I had an epiphany and FELL IN LOVE with this product.

Due to how busy I’ve been for months now, I wasn’t finger detangling at all on washdays. I’ll just put some conditioner in  my hair and comb through after shampooing. One day, I had some free time and I decided to try this product again. I put a generous amount it in my damp hair, let it sit for a bit then proceeded to finger detangle.. OH MY GOODNESS! This conditioner basically melted all the knots in my hair in less than 2 minutes and my finger just kept sliding through! This reminded me of how much I hate combs to be honest. My curls were so defined and girl, I was happy!


It’s the only conditioner I’ve ever used that got me thinking of trying a ‘wash and go’. I sincerely think I’ll pull it off with this product because I felt there was minimal shrinkage in my hair after I rinsed the conditioner out and twisted up my hair and I could still see come curls. Does it “Anti Frizz”? Yes to an extent. I noticed that my hair doesn’t shrink as much when I use the conditioner although I typically don’t wear my hair out in twists out and all that so I can’t speak on long term..
So you can tell that I’ve been using my Shanyi Organics Anti Frizz conditioner ever since. What threw me off the conditioner on my first application was that it had no slip. It’s really light but don’t let that fool you. I really like this product now and I’m glad I didn’t review it earlier. I can actually see this product becoming a staple in my regimen.
Another thing this experience reminded of is how important it is to get your hands in your hair from time to time especially on wash days. That way you’ll know better what your hair needs and how well (or not) it’s taking to your hair products. Better believe that I’m back to finger Detangling my hair.
Although I’m not crazy about the smell because I like my conditioners sweet smelling. This doesn’t matter though cause it’s a rinse out conditioner and I follow it with a deep conditioner.
First five ingredients in this product are: Deionized water, Mango seed butter, Aloe Vera leaf juice, Fenugreek extract and Argan oil. It’s an all natural product and the content is really really nice. That’s probably why it doesn’t have a creamy consistency.

You can get this and other Shanyi Organics product on their Instagram page: @shanyiorganics

Thanks for reading. My hair turned 2 years old this month and I’ll be doing a post on the lessons learned so far so yay! Please come back.


Love, Ella!



8 thoughts on “The hair product I HATED but now love: Shanyi organics Anti-Frizz conditioning yogurt.

  1. You and your giveaways that applies only to Instagram whereas some of us who are loyal here aren’t on IG. Such discrimination. Lol.

    The name really has swag. Shanyi Organics: Herbal hair Elixir Anti- frizz conditioning yoghurt. Scalp Clarifying oil and Growth stimulating soufflé. Thanks darling for sharing.


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