How to get rid of shaving bumps using a Leave-in conditioner.

Hey guys, Happy new month! So you know how it’s usually supposed to be a compliment when people say “oh your hair grows so fast” probably because they’ve noticed that you gain 6″ of hair per year while they’re still struggling with 3″ and you’re supposed to smile and say thank you? lol. I mean its nice but what these people don’t know is that the rate at which your hair grows on your head, it grows 2 times faster in the armpits, legs and even down there. And as a decent human being, You can’t be walking around with hair in your armpit so that usually means you have to shave at least 2 times a week. Story of my life!

Normally my hair (stubble) comes out the next day post shaving but I can still get away with it for another 2 days you dig? Anyway I’m sure most “hairy” girls know what I mean. Mind you, I have friends who don’t have to worry about shaving for up to a week or more.. is life fair? No! Shaving for me always always always meant I had to deal with razor bumps. Everywhere I shaved asides my legs, I always ended up with shaving bumps and it was annoying and irritating. I learnt that waxing was a better option so I started waxing with those store bought strips but it usually meant I had to grow my hair out for a bit so that the wax strips could hold on to some hair and that was just too uncomfortable for me. It got to the point where the razor bumps would heal and then leave scars on my skin. I started seeking solutions and trust me, I tried everything from exfoliating before and after shaving to using a cold compress after shaving and shaving in the direction of the hair growth still I got at least one or two bumps sigh!
Until one blessed day while doing some online research, I came across a post that said to apply some hair conditioner to the area you want to shave, leave it for a bit then shave (in the direction of the hair growth and with a sharp razor). It made sense because sometimes the reason we get razor bumps is because we’re tugging on the hair while shaving and some shit like that so I tried this out.


I just apply a tiny bit of hair conditioner to the area I want to shave and massage that in. What this does is it’s softens the hair you’re about to shave and makes the blade glide on smoothly. Ladies and gentlemen, from the summer of 2016 up till date, I haven’t had a single razor bump in any shaving area of my body and trust me when I say I shave more regularly now. Not one single bump for over a year and a half now. What a miracle lol. And the best part is I use any conditioner my hand reaches first be it a leave-in, Rinse out or even deep conditioner. I also use any brand of conditioner… doesn’t matter. So I decided to share this hack with you guys since some of you may fall under the “hairy girl” category like me or you just always have razor bumps.. After shaving, I still exfoliate and then apply some Jojoba oil to soothe the area and that’s it. Goodbye to nasty razor bumps yay!


I hope this post was helpful? Now you know something else you can do with your hair conditioner. If there’s a brand that doesn’t work great for your hair, you can repurpose it or give it to the men in your life that struggle with razor bumps from shaving. They’ll appreciate you for it! What other unconventional hacks have you tried? Please share in the comments below..

Have a lovely weekend y’all. God bless you


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