How to get rid of shaving bumps using a Leave-in conditioner.

Hey guys, Happy new month! So you know how it’s usually supposed to be a compliment when people say “oh your hair grows so fast” probably because they’ve noticed that you gain 6″ of hair per year while they’re still struggling with 3″ and you’re supposed to smile and say thank you? lol. I mean its nice but what these people don’t know is that the rate at which your hair grows on your head, it grows 2 times faster in the armpits, legs and even down there. And as a decent human being, You can’t be walking around with hair in your armpit so that usually means you have to shave at least 2 times a week. Story of my life!

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How to Revive old weaves – turn it to brand new!

Hey my loves.. So you probably clicked real fast on this post cause you want to learn how to Revive your old weaves or wigs right? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m forever hooking you guys up with those budget friendly tips – I do it for the Lord and my government lol. I’m sharing simple steps with on how to turn your old, dry, matted weaves into lush nice weaves. The picture below is the Before and after of a curly old weave that needed to be restored before I made it into a wig. Continue reading

The hair product I HATED but now love: Shanyi organics Anti-Frizz conditioning yogurt.


Hi guys. I’m back again with a product review and this time, it’s not the usual banter. It’s the real deal so please grab a popcorn. Couple of months ago, I received 4 hair products from one of my favorite Nigerian brands SHANYI ORGANICS and I was excited. Actually the owner had me pick out the products I wanted from their new line and I ended up with The Shanyi Organics:
Herbal hair Elixir
Anti- frizz conditioning yoghurt.
Scalp Clarifying oil and
Growth stimulating soufflé. Lol I love these names btw.
I did a giveaway on my Instagram page (@naturalgirlonabudget) please follow me there if you haven’t and I gave the last two products I listed to two of my fabulous readers leaving me with the other two products to review here on the blog. If you guessed that I started using the Anti-Frizz conditioning yoghurt first, you’re right!

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Learn how to make wigs in Lagos Nigeria.

Hello guys. Happy new month yaay..

How to make wigs

As some of you already know, Myself and Alex of nappyhaired have been hosting wig making workshops since 2016. It’s been amazing trust me and it just makes us so happy to see that we have contributed to people’s lives and businesses.

Our hope is that all the ladies or people who attend this workshop get a proper hold of this skill and go on to properly explore this field which the ladies from the previous workshops have already begun to do.. I’ve been tagged on some really nice progress pictures and it makes me super proud lol. This is a beginner workshop and it’s also for people who have prior knowledge that needs some fine tuning/brushing up.. So what’s going to be taught at the workshop? Read below:

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How to make sure your Hair Products last longer.

Hi loves!!! I have a cold and I love being pampered so please show me love in the comment section lol. But that’s not why we are here. As the title suggests, I’m going to share a few tips for us girls on a budget on how to minimize your hair products and make them last longer. I actually go months before I have to buy new hair products because I’m skilled with managing lol. So here goes:


1. Your Shampoo is for your scalp only. Except you dunk your hair in products which you really shouldn’t be doing, shampoo your scalp only. I mean how dirty can your hair be if you cleanse weekly at most. After you’ve cleansed your scalp, run the suds/soapy water through the length of your hair to clean it. You can decide to shampoo your hair 1 out of 4 times you wash.

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