The hair product I HATED but now love: Shanyi organics Anti-Frizz conditioning yogurt.


Hi guys. I’m back again with a product review and this time, it’s not the usual banter. It’s the real deal so please grab a popcorn. Couple of months ago, I received 4 hair products from one of my favorite Nigerian brands SHANYI ORGANICS and I was excited. Actually the owner had me pick out the products I wanted from their new line and I ended up with The Shanyi Organics:
Herbal hair Elixir
Anti- frizz conditioning yoghurt.
Scalp Clarifying oil and
Growth stimulating soufflé. Lol I love these names btw.
I did a giveaway on my Instagram page (@naturalgirlonabudget) please follow me there if you haven’t and I gave the last two products I listed to two of my fabulous readers leaving me with the other two products to review here on the blog. If you guessed that I started using the Anti-Frizz conditioning yoghurt first, you’re right!

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