How to Revive old weaves – turn it to brand new!

Hey my loves.. So you probably clicked real fast on this post cause you want to learn how to Revive your old weaves or wigs right? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m forever hooking you guys up with those budget friendly tips – I do it for the Lord and my government lol. I’m sharing simple steps with on how to turn your old, dry, matted weaves into lush nice weaves. The picture below is the Before and after of a curly old weave that needed to be restored before I made it into a wig. Continue reading


The hair product I HATED but now love: Shanyi organics Anti-Frizz conditioning yogurt.


Hi guys. I’m back again with a product review and this time, it’s not the usual banter. It’s the real deal so please grab a popcorn. Couple of months ago, I received 4 hair products from one of my favorite Nigerian brands SHANYI ORGANICS and I was excited. Actually the owner had me pick out the products I wanted from their new line and I ended up with The Shanyi Organics:
Herbal hair Elixir
Anti- frizz conditioning yoghurt.
Scalp Clarifying oil and
Growth stimulating soufflé. Lol I love these names btw.
I did a giveaway on my Instagram page (@naturalgirlonabudget) please follow me there if you haven’t and I gave the last two products I listed to two of my fabulous readers leaving me with the other two products to review here on the blog. If you guessed that I started using the Anti-Frizz conditioning yoghurt first, you’re right!

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